Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 138 Plans Awry

Some times the best laid plans of mice and men just don't turn out the way you hoped. We've had a few curve balls thrown at us this week . . . and we're still waiting to see how things turn out.


Melissa H said...

Is this a new pool or just fixin' the one you already had? Either way I'm so sorry for all the trouble you are having. I pray it only gets better.

pat said...

This is me, scratching my head. If this is another clue, I need a better Magic Decoding Ring! Hope the plans are still on track!!

Becky said...

I hope things work out! This photo captures the feeling well. Whenever I see or hear the word awry now, I giggle because I saw a national sportscaster interview a football coach and ask him what went "OR-ree." So now I always pronounce it that way. :-)