Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 181: Birthday Celebration

Darling husband, dear sweet, totally awesome husband, and his 60th birthday. Part of our celebration involved a meal at The Thai Orchid in Fargo, having their Feast for Two.

By the way, after yesterday's post, there was an article in our local paper about the Happy Face (aka "Smiley") tower. The tower was painted by a man named James "Ozzie" Osmundson, who died this past May. There's a 21 day old peregrine falcon, now named "Ozzie", the first hatched in Grand Forks, living on top of the tower with his parents, Bear and Terminator.

Peregrine falcons came off the endangered species list in 1999, and there are now 200 nesting pairs acoss the 13 state area. Restorationists had started placing nesting boxes high up on tall buildings and towers, to help protect the peregrines from great horned owls.

But Bear, the male peregrine falcon resident for several years, was a bit of a loser. Much to Bear's total mortification, his loser reputation in attracting a female, was noted and tracked by area birders. Finally, Terminator, (a rather feisty 2 year old female), from Brandon, Man, hooked up with Bear this year. Their hatchling, Ozzie, is white and fluggy-feathered, and won't be able to fly for another 3 weeks.


Amy said...

Looks like a fabulous meal, I LOVE Thai food! Happy, Happy Day to your DH!!!

Krystle said...

I am so hungry tonight:D Happy B-Day to your man!

Diana said...

that meal for two looks yummy, and i bet it was very good

Diana said...

oops i forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your DH

Jeanne said...

Looks yummy! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Thanks for the info on the falcons. It was informative and funny at the same time. Love it!

Suzy said...

Happy B-day to your husband!! Yummy photo!!