Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 195: Pick Me!

Hooray!!! The weather pixie is back!!!!! She was gone for a good month or so because of a fire at the server site. Now you can see how chilly it is here today for July! And we had 45 mph wind gusts.

Asman font; KPertiet Papers, pin & overlay; JSprague grunge frame & 4 square template

This is from lesson 2 of Now We're Rockin', a digiscrapping class at Digiscrapping is so much fun, and such a great step-by-step guide through it is through Jessica's classes.

I'm repeating my lessons in the class to learn CS3, and I'm really liking CS3! Now (other than the price!) I'm wondering why I took so long to learn it!

Does anyone work with Bridge rather than the organizer in Adobe Elements? I haven't looked at Bridge enough yet, but I'm wondering if it also has a tagging function. Anyone know?

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


pat said...

Angela, I was missing the pixie! It's fun to see what's up your way--no fair having wind chill in July! Your digi page is awesome.

Bobbi said...

Hmmm, I just can't tell which one is your son ;) Sorry, don't know anything about Bridge, but this is a cool lo.

BTw, tell your husband that yes my husbands toys were out of the package( as many of the thousands are) and yes, *gasp* in the dirt lol. I will have to take a picture of his whole setup for him to see.

Jeanne said...

I can't believe you found him in that sea of people (or did you photoshop him in?)!

Great layout!

I was wondering about the pixie...I took it off because I was tired of seeing an x....

Amy said...

Ooooo I really like that page! your comment on my blog: The Grumpy Old Man with Guitar is my husband! LOL!!

Maria1319 said...

Really, really cool effect! Brian looks so much like Doug!

Mom2Drew said...

I love your little weather pixie, I smile eachtime I see her. We're having coolish days too.