Friday, March 2, 2012

New York Shopping Experiences

It wasn't long, after eating lunch, that we started to feel ready to sample some of the pleasures of Little Italy. But what's wrong with these children of mine? See the backs of Brian and Dianna? On the left of the photo? PASSING By a store boasting #1 Homemade Italian Ice Cream! Clearly, something went awry in the gene pool.
But they redeemed themselves by wisely stopping at this Italian bakery . . .
. . . where we sampled some wonderful cannoli and biscotti (I like mine better!)
Just in case you want some Italian vanity plates. . .
Certainly, no one could pass up a little shop with a skeleton in front.
Just what I wanted: a pleasant little reminder of guts and "colonoscopy."
And now that I look back on this photo, I just can't help but wonder why I didn't start my Christmas shopping early.
  And here's another treasure I didn't purchase. What was I thinking?

And this brings me up to hour 20 1/2 of my 45 hours in New York City!


Nicki said...

Who could resist 'Bada Bing' and I have to believe that they do mail orders on that 2 headed thingie - wow, I thought China Town was interesting.

Reds said...

The porcupine fish would have been such a great Christmas gift... not!! LOL! thanks for taking us on your trip! Can't wait to see more!

Barb said...

Those pastries looked awesome and delicious!

Maria said...

Bakery cannolli is pretty wonderful, but your biscotti AND cookies are much, much better!