Saturday, March 9, 2013

Buffalo Buddies. . . Signs of Spring!

Signs of Spring? Really! They are! (sort of). Or at least signs of MY experiencing spring because I'm willing to get out of the car, approach these cute little beastlies, and try to make odd noises at them to lure them closer.

They're so strange and fascinating; they have very "herd-like" behavior, moving in unison, signaling some how to each other that one or the other should stand guard and check me out. And then when they decide I'm icky (how rude!) they all show their backsides to me at once, and move away.


Barb said...

Where were these guys? They look very serious.

Nicki said...

When I was growing up there was a group of business men who decided to use the property (picture acres and acres in the country) directly behind our house to breed some buffalo. Oh the stories I could tell you about buffalo. Horses, cows, and buffalo, oh my!

Maria C said...

Ha! Willing to get out of the car is definitely a sign of spring! I'm glad they approved of you enough to turn their backs on you. I wouldn't want to mess with these guys if they didn't like me!