Sunday, March 2, 2008

Book Review: Crones Don't Whine

If you want to read a wonderful book that helps you get beyond the cliches about aging in America, this is it! This book provides a very different perspective than the usual junk offered, particularly to women over 50, (or any women who aspire to someday be 50, so hopefully that includes all women.) Some, but not all, men, might appreciate this as well, but male socialization is just different for men than women. Jean Shinoda Bolen explores 13 attributes that are well worth cultivating to lead a life that is satisfying, regardless of the hurdles that aging can throw at a woman. I like her advice to show up, pay attention, say what you think, and not get too attached to the outcome. She modifies this last part for those situations where, yes, we're going to be VERY attached the outcome, because it involves our loved ones. For these situations, she says, "pray for the best," rather than "don't be attached to the outcome." You can see a link to this book in my little Amazon widget.

Someone asked me whether the book, "Getting Lost," will help you understand "Lost." . . . Well, . . . no. It's like a lot of things in life where just because you know more, doesn't mean you necessarily reach that point where you have total understanding. And when it comes to "Lost," I don't think understanding it is in the cards at all just yet! "Getting Lost" mostly covers the first few seasons, so it doesn't even address some of the weirdness of last season! "Getting Lost" is a series of essays that analyze "Lost" from a variety of different perspectives. It's like reaching into a bag of 15 different pairs of glasses, some tinted, some not, and finding a variety of ways to look at "Lost". I particularly like one essay that analyzes what makes a series compelling in the first place, and how "Lost" has elements of such series. Another essay I really liked was looking at the "leadership style" of various characters, and in this essay, the author pointed out that Hurley was the character who usually came up with a solution, but this often was missed in the Drama and more attention-getting nature of the other characters.

It's a Sunday afternoon; thought I'd throw in a few book reviews!

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