Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Red Wine and a Colossal Mess

"Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It's been 30 (give or take a few) years since my last confession. The only sin I want to confess is my blogging addiction. Not that there aren't more. Many more."

I love to blog! I love that you read my blog and sometimes laugh at my lame jokes! (Read the genuinely funny, by the way, comments that many of YOU submitted for the last photo, if you haven't had the chance to do so.) So when an opportunity came up to take an 8 week journaling workshop at a local coffee shop, I signed up.

Lest you think I have an alcohol addiction, let me tell you that I often drink a glass of wine with dinner. As a fairly anal person, I've literally marked with a Sharpie marker where 5 oz comes on the glass so that this is the amount I drink. (But how can I be SO messy???? Or maybe that's what anal actually means. . . )

Tonight was the first meeting, and I was rushing to eat dinner and get there in time. And given that I was a little anxious about this workshop, I didn't mind having a glass of wine with dinner.

Yesterday it was a spilled cup of coffee, all over my printer paper. Today it was the glass of wine, horribly spilled directly into my awful-anyway printer (which already turns everything pink).

. . . but also spilled all over some very cherished scrapbooks with digital pages. And that's what the photo above is showing, with pages separated by Kleenex--pages that took hour upon hours to make. I don't think it's really salvageable. . . .but, what do you think? Do you think red wine would meet the standards of being acid-free for archival purposes?

*sigh* . . . and of course I was late for the journaling workshop. And I smelled like a brewery (although my sweet husband pointed out that I actually smelled like a winery, so who is it who's really the anal one, after all?)


janett said...

Oh no, I'm sorry about all your pages!!! Did you have them scanned in anywhere at least?

Beth said...

I would probably cry! I love your sense of humor:) My DS says "that hecka stinks! waste of paper ;) nah jk lol hopefully you have other pictures that you can make another scrapbook with!"

Sharon said...

Maybe you should start drinking out of a sippy cup?

Digital pages, that means you have the originals right? Or is this where I shake my head at your lack of computer back up? ;)

Mandy said...

Oh MY gosh girl! I am so sorry about your accident. That would make me want to drink more if I did something like that. I happen to believe is smothering my mistakes in alcohol, but I was told once that it was, on occasion, ok. (That was probably a lie though).

From one accident prone person to the next, I wish we had a cure for our messiness. I spill, drop, and loose just about every single thing. I just bought a back of 4 glasses less then a month ago and there is only one left though. (although in my defense, my husband broke one, which is still blames on me, but it was really him and he knows it) I get insurance on my cell phones, on my camera equipment, on just about every device I own, because I know its just a matter of time before I brake it.

I bet that class is so interesting. I bet they get a real hoot out of you..."the drunk one" from class. {wink, of course}

Reds said...

So so sorry about your scrapbooks! but it does make for a funny story!!

Jeanne said...

Oh goodness! So sorry to hear about your scrapbook! But you have such a way about you that you made even this sound funny. I guess if you can't laugh at something, you'll end up crying, right?

Thanks for a giggle at your expense!

shirley said...

Oh, no! Not the scrapbook pages! But if they were digi ones, maybe you have the electronic copies?
I love reading your blog - I always come away with a smile (or a craving to buy a Sham-wow).

Suzy said...

Oh no! I'm sorry your books got spilt on! I do hope you have the originals saved!

Heather said...

Oh, my heart sank reading this post!!!