Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Winners & Duds

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's photos of Halloween costumes and ghouls tonight!

Sadly, not many trick or treaters came to our door. I guess it's just too cold, or people are too afraid of H1N1 "treats", or they fell in the pit left by Excel. Only two groups made it to our door--a group of real trick or treaters, and a group that pretended to be trick or treating, but really handing out religious treatises on sin. Guess it beats being egged.

Actually, Excel worried about the pits as well. Friday, they came around and filled their doorways to Other Worlds with temporary cement.

We decided to head off to the "Tales of Terror" at the local little historical museum, which had decided to reveal some of the dark tales of Grand Forks on its premises. Kudos for their creativity! They told about a former mayor/physician (not be be confused with our current mayor/physician, Mayor Brown). Dr. Wheeler, in 1886, was a student in Northfield, MN (where Dianna is a student), and helped foil an attempt by Jesse Jame's gang to rob a bank. He killed a man and was able to acquire the body as a medical study cadaver. Supposedly he kept the skeleton hanging in his closet in Grand Forks.

Here are some shots of the museum:

Again, kudos for creativity, but what is this? Not a fashion statement, I'm thinking. Maybe something about protecting breasts from xrays???? I'm going to have to return to the museum when I can look around a little better and see if I can figure this out.

Basically, we stood in line for a long time. Long enough, literally, for cob-webs to develop on the historical exhibits:

The apple cider and home-baked cookies were great, but after about an hour, my husband and I decided that the queuing to be taken out in little groups of 5 into the more dramatic, gory aspects of the program, just wasn't worth it. We bailed out, and headed home to watch our Netflix copy of "Drag Me to Hell."

OK, this movie is just creepy!! One son pointed out that there were humorous elements, and thank heavens, because I kept trying to look for those moments to keep from being totally creeped out! Remember how scary Exorcist was when it first came out? Well, this was effective, even in this modern, jaded, age.


Yolanda said...

Can't figure that first photo out either-- ;) Glad you had fun. I'm too much of a scardy cat to watch that movie.

Diana said...

hhhhmmmmm that first shot is perplexive. its so awful that you had to wait so long. and oh man how was the movie?

Beth said...

I liked Drag Me To Hell, it was creepy! That first shot IS a bit of a puzzle.

tori said...

interesting stuff they have at that museum! I'm petrified of scary movies, so there's no way I'd even be able to make it through by looking for the humorous in it. :)

Nicki, said...

Your first shot is S&M gone wrong or something - OUCH! Wear that sucker and then go get a mammogram - 'drag me to hell' might be a good caption for the women who had to endure that experience.

Reds said...

That is one weird mannequin... looks like an interesting exhibit though! ;)

Barb said...

How fun! I love the museum shots.

Suzy said...

Can't quite figure that first shot out either? Glad you had fun!