Friday, June 18, 2010

Graduation Fun & Games

Dianna's school, St. Olaf, had a Celebration Banquet the night before her graduation. As lovely as it was, I was disappointed that after we attended the orchestra concert, then choir concert, and dashed over to the banquet, we were left we little choice for seating.

Normally, this wouldn't have been a problem, except that it meant that the 14 of us could not all sit together. And we so wanted to! This is a shot of Lee & Maria's family, as we gathered together, here and there, as our group coalesced into a bigger group to attend events together. It was an extremely hot day--90 some degrees! Above zero! That's melting territory for North Dakotans!

At the dinner itself, Dianna, Doug and I sat together at a table, and looked longingly at our relatives seated further away. Well. . . . we knew we'd get to be together more, soon, munching on biscotti and chatting. . . .

I had one of those dreaded moments just before this dinner, at the Very Special Concert Choir--the Concert Choir that has been described as the "Gold Standard" for the rest of the country.

It was one of those moments when just during the very sacred, extraordinarily beautiful stretches of music, when you can almost hear a pin drop, that the cell phone which you are absolutely certain you have put on "vibrate" becomes possessed with a demon life force and bellows out at 1000 decibles Abba's "Mama Mia."

Nice song.

And here's a shot of a handful of "The Cousins". My Brian and Scott are not there, and Ronnie, Robert, and Laurie's children aren't there, but it's nice to see a little gathering of "the kids."

Joyce and Andy, the two little ones in the photo, were the later arrivers to the "party." They drove a personality-disordered camper from the Chicago area to St. Olaf in southern Minnesota. This prima donna vehicle likes to take them hostage along the side of the road, whenever it can, and we ALMOST got to spend an extra unexpected day with MaryAnn and Bill & co. (This is MaryAnn of the Scrapfest, and Bill of the cacti and palm trees, in case you are wondering.)


Maria said...

I like the camper being described as having a personality disorder. LOL!

At these events a lot of things are outside our control, so although it was disappointing not to be able to sit together during dinner, there was so much else going on that we wouldn't have had much time for talking anyway. And we sure made up for it later on!

We had a great time and truly loved the St. Olaf Orchestra concert. I've been listening to Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique every day since then.

pat said...

Sounds like a wonderful event! I can just imagine the caliber of the music...lucky you!! I am still giggling about the cell phone (and picturing faces and expressions) and the personality-disorderd camper. LOL!!!!

Jeanne said...

Angela, I SO missed your posts while you were on "hiatus." I'm giggling so hard at your cell phone predicament and the camper having a personality disorder. Disappointing though it might have been not to sit together, I'm sure you all made up for it later!

Nicki, said...

Bummer you didn't get to sit together - but at least everyone was present and accounted for. Inevitably every time I set my cell phone for vibrate - someone needs to get a hold of me and I don't hear/feel it - but I'm still paranoid of not setting it to vibrate for the very reason you experienced.

Suzy said...

It makes me smile thinking about you and Maria both taking photo's at events! What a lucky family to have two photographers there! Sorry y'all didn't get to sit together though :(..

Joanne said...

LOL on the cell phone going off and the camper discription! Sound like a lovely time despite the heat and not sitting together.