Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wander Lust

Oh, I have such wander lust these beautiful days of summer! And the Farmer's Market didn't help much; getting to see all this exotic, colorful, garb from other lands makes me want to hop on a plane and see the great SomePlace Else.

And doing another stint of "parental ground support" the last few days isn't helping either. I just got Brian delivered to the airport to head out to his internship for 3 months in Amsterdam. We spent hours weighing his check-in baggage, measuring the dimensions of his carry-on luggage, and juggling heavy/light/bulky items, abandoning soap and shampoo, debating on the "bedbugs be gone" product, and I was really wishing for a nice computer program: let me input the variables and just spit out a diagram of what should go where! But now he's on his way to Amsterdam! Think of all the things he could photograph! (Try not to think about anything else, though.)

I got to photograph such interesting body language, and clothing, and color at the farmer's market, while Doug and I sat selling rhubarb pie for his final and HOPEFULLY LAST mission trip with youth from our church.

Doug's adventure is NOT one that I'm envying--not after their van broke down and stranded the group for a night in a small town in North Dakota.

And definitely not after he told me about the day they just spent in 100 degree weather, outside, cleaning up liquor bottles, cutting weeds, and removing dead rotting, horses carcasses. Nope, not the kind of adventure I'm personally longing for. . . .

But, as has happened in the past, when Doug the Defender leaves town, Things Happen (remember the Evil Cedar Waxwings?) Yesterday the power was knocked out, but it wasn't about me personally being harassed this time; about 7000 people lost power because a SQUIRREL chewed up part of a transformer!

If Doug were patrolling with that Super-Duper pellet gun,(first taking it out of the box), no doubt the City would have been Safe from marauding squirrels attacking the populace. I'm not saying he actually has to load it or anything, just patrol around with it (Out of the Box!)


Maria said...

Wow! I didn't know there was such a thing as a "Begbug Begone" product! I bet you could do a posting on just that! :-)

I can't wait to hear the stories of Brian's trip! Wish you could go visit while he's there!

This is a weird animal story week! My co-worker just hired a company to get rid of the chipmunks . . . inside her house!

Julie said...

I agree I had never heard of "bedbug begone"!

Karen said...

I love the beautiful and artist photographs that always accompany your stories.

Joanne said...

Love seeing the pix from the Farmers Market--such interesting people!

Bedbug begone? never heard of it. Maybe that is a good thing?

Barb said...

I love looking at the expressions on the faces of the people. Best wishes to Brian and Doug.

Beth said...

The Farmers Market attendees are a photogenic bunch! I have also never heard of a BedBug spray. Sounds important if you need it!