Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Double Rainbow Guy Should See This Garden Action!

Remember Double Rainbow Guy? Just think of his ecstasy if he saw this!

I think this next photo could use just a little vignette added. What do you think?

And then I thought I'd play with a Rustic EZ Action on this one:

And Jess' Hazy Days one on this:


Esther said...

I looooove that 3rd shot. What are those? The shape is amazing...and the cool color of that photo makes it pop. Great job!

Maria said...

My favorite is the first photo! Do you happen to know what those flowers are? So beautiful!

Reds said...

Beautiful flowers and great shots!!

Nessa said...

GORGEOUS! I agree with esther, that 3rd shot is to die for!!

Suzy said...

I don't think the double rainbow guy could handle all this! He'd give himself a heart attack lol! beautiful flowers!