Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Did EVERYONE But Me Get the Aging Memo?????

Subtitle: Public Service Announcement with Too Much Personal Information

(Now that's your cue to move along if you're especially squeamish about aging. . . .)

There seem to be these things that People Know, but not me. Like, I never knew that people needed "reading glasses" as they hit 40, because they're eyes were changing. I had no clue! I thought the pharmaceutical companies were cheaply trying to save money on ink by making the print on bottles really, really tiny! . . . . until my eye doctor diplomatically explained bifocals to me.

Now, I find that the vigorous, "Aren't I doing it right! brushing my teeth is a bad thing. A BAD thing.

As in receding gum lines!!!!

What the heck! I never heard of this! Receding hair lines, yes. . . (for guys!), but is it really fair that if you brush your teeth well (translate: "too hard") you get receding gum lines, and they hurt! And they can't fix it! Bummer. Actually, in the grand scheme of things, "bummer" with a little "B", because really, there are much, much worse things that could happen (probably also listed on the Secret Aging Memo, that I never got and intend to file a complaint form about as soon as I find my bifocals.)

And these 3 cute triplets, playing a little ballad with their musical instrument about my receding gums, were serenading me for my birthday!


Barb said...

Another sign of againg: I seem to be late for everyone's birthday lately. Happy Birthday. We will celebrate soon!!! :)

Reds said...

Happy birthday!! Even with all the bad news!! :)

Joanne said...

Happy Birthday. I can definitely relate!

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

I'm sorry that you missed the memo. I must have, too. Although I'm happy to report, despite being extremely nearsighted, and despite the eye doctor's gentle warnings that I will need them, so far I haven't needed bifocals! I'm amazed (as is he), given all the close up handwork I do. AND the power needed for my vision has dropped slightly. LOL Whoo hooo! But that whole receding gumline thing...never thought you could brush too hard.

Your little trio is lovely! I'm really enjoying your larger photos, too. (but maybe you started posting them larger so you could see them better) {she says and she ducks for cover and clicks away....LOL}

Nicki, said...

Happy belated Birthday! You know you've gotten the 'aging memo' when you, in fact, look like the triplets in your last shot. Gravity! thats all I'll say about that.

Meaghan said...

Happy birthday! My biggest sign of aging as been all the gray hair. :(