Saturday, September 18, 2010

Forney, Texas and Doug-in-a-Cage

I love traveling with Robert and Barb, and of course, Doug. They are all perfect "Photo-Walk" companions. Robert and Barb both also search for photo opportunities, and Doug indulges us all.

After the Beer Barn, we headed to Forney, TX, on our way to Austin. The rain gave us a little respite, and we checked out some antique stores in Forney. This one was filled with art reproductions, and (expensive) photo opportunities. It's so much fun to go "shopping" with a camera; you just just click a way at pretty things, and leave your wallet safely tucked away.

Not Doug:

Not Doug:

Definitely not Doug:

Not Doug:

Not Doug:

Not Doug:

At last, Doug-in-a-Cage: *sigh* It's so hard to keep track of husbands these days. . .

But will he sing?


Maria said...

For a minute there I thought you were going to say that Doug went on a shopping spree! That dining room set behind Doug in the last shot is gorgeous!

If Doug decides to sing, I want a copy of the CD!

Chell said...

What a fun post!!

pat said...

Heee heeeee! I wonder if the caged Doug DOES sing? (wait, isn't there a book like that? HA!) By the way, I think that 3rd statue is what was edited out of Beauty and the Beast--the adult version. Ya think??

Nicki, said...

Where does one put a lion headed man and naked broad statue? Fun travels you and Doug; Robert and Barb. I can only imagine the laughter. Considering your past with birds (nae I mention them by name) - the cage might have been a good purchase - otherwise, I'm guessing a caged Doug only signs "let me out, let me out!" (and that could get old real quick)

You guys are a hoot!

Jeanne said...

You all sure know how to have a great time! Love your photos and all the comments about Doug's caged singing, so I won't attempt to add to them. Thanks for sharing!

Barb said...

You really got some cool shots of the antique shops.