Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tree Sculptures: Part 3

While we were admiring this sculpture of 3 angels in Galveston, the home owner came out. We started talking about how these 3 angels represent her grandchildren. I told her how much I admired how the city responded to the devastation of Hurricane Ike and wished that our city in ND had found something similar after being destroyed by a flood.

She got a funny look on her face and asked, "what city?"

"Oh, you've probably never been there."

"What city?"

"Grand Forks, ND."

"I've been there!"

Can you say that?

It turns out that her "three angels", the inspiration for the sculpture, live in Minot, ND. And a grandma's gotta go where a grandma's gotta go!

This sculpture is not actually on the tour yet, but is in process. But we spotted it!

This detail in the owl amazes me! Click on it twice to see it larger. Remember, this is done with a chain saw!

And if you're not busy drinking in the sculptures, just look around at the exotic, tropical plant life!


pookiepea said...

What a small world we live in, my sons girlfriend is from Grand Forks. Your plant photos are so sharp which really adds to the prickly cactus!

Krystle said...

Oh I love the angels and the owl! Such amazing detail. My DS1 would love the guitar, and my DS2 would love the frog. So we've got those covered ;D I also have a fondness cacti because they are one of the few plants I can keep alive!!!!

Yolanda said...

Very cool! Sculpture is always fascinating to me. How do you take a big lump of something (wood, stone etc.) and change it into something recognizable?

Amy said...

Wow...that's so cool. I love to watch the chainsaw guys make those.

Chell said...

Those sculptures are really amazing. The owl is really col.

Reds said...

More cool sculptures! Yes!! So much details!

Beverly said...

Sadly I cannot say I have been to North Dakota but someday :) Visiting all 50 states is on my bucket list (have been to 43 so far) I do know this Southern girl has no desire to visit in the winter lol