Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So the Cyber-gods are Punishing Me, Are They?

Was it really so awful, my sending an email to everyone in my contact list? That I had to be put in time-out for awhile?

I won't be posting photos for awhile :( , although maybe I'll wander over here from time to time in the long weeks ahead. . . .

It seems that my hard drive got corrupted and started to fail. Being under a Dell warranty, they sent me a new hard drive. I installed it, all was looking good, I attempted to recover some data, and the whole system crashed!

Crashed as in putting me into some kind of crazy loop, and perhaps even denying the existence of the operating system! So a very nice guy on Dell chat spent two hours with me trying to trouble shoot it, run strange diagnostics from the point of booting the computer. . . and although my computer claimed things were fine, it kept shutting down completely, and getting very, very hot!

Poor Doug, he happened to be near the power cord the first time it shut down, and I thought he'd stepped on it!

We started the testing again, and again it shut down completely! And was even hotter. The Dell guy promptly instructed me on boxing it up and Fed Ex-ing it to them.

But I NEED photoshop!!!!!!!!!!!
And it snowed today.
(Let the whining begin. . . .).


Barb said...

That's not good. I am sorry to hear you are having those problems and I hope you will be back in business soon. We will miss your posts.

Nicki said...

Last March our MAC did the unthinkable and the hard drive crashed. It is a horrible experience - and I sympathize with your withdrawal and frustration completely. I'll skip the part about how I'm still (one year later) weeding through the duplicate photos our off-site back-up service sent back. Just pretend you didn't read that. Look the other way.

Hope your down time is short because we miss your posts.

mj said...

You can pass that problems. Keep the faith. You can make it.

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Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

:-( :-( :-( One time I had to send my whole computer back for a couple of weeks. It was weird to figure out how much I depend on it! But after a few days, I got used to not having one. I was still so happy to have it back though!

Joanne said...

we have had a Dell for nearly eight years and I can't wait to get a MAC. Everyday it's like a new adventure here. Good luck I hope the new one works better. Blessings, Joanne