Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some Poor MisGuided Souls LOVE Winter!

It's true; there are those who love this white stuff and relish the idea of bundling up and heading out into it.
Not me!

And even though this was considered a gloriously wonderful day in terms of the temperature (15 above; keep in mind that our windchills registered around 37 below this past week), I still can fill volumes listing the ways I hate winter.

Here's a sampling:

1. It gets so dry indoors that my fingers crack and bleed at the corners. It's not a phenomenon peculiar to me; my friends and I spend long hours debating the relative merits of liquid bandaid, clear nail polish, first aid tape, and every possible lotion you can think of;

2. Your best bet to give your dog exercise is to throw a rubber ball down the stairs, over and over and over;

3. I'd never read the local newspaper for weeks on end if my husband didn't walk the two steps out the front door, because it's too freakin' cold;

4. The worse thing about filling your gas tank is NOT the price! (that is, if you can get the frozen gas cover open; *hint: credit cards are helpful for this.);

5. Wearing two winter jackets at once is not out of the question, as in: an inner down jacket and an outer windbreaker type Northface jacket.

OK, OK, in the interest of not being a total winter grump, one silver lining is each day, I scan the horizon for sun dogs, and we've had lots of them this year.

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Susan Beth said...

Hum, what is a sun dog?

I can relate to unusual winter behavior, especially wearing two jackets. Layers, layers, layers, that is my theory of winter dressing.