Sunday, April 7, 2013

And Now, We Interrupt this Winter Weather Snit for a Disney Cruise!

A month ago, we got back from one of the real treats of our life, getting to go on a Disney Cruise, in March! This anticipation of an escape from the winter doldrums keeps us going during the long November, December, January, February, March, April (and yes, often even May) months of winter.

It took me awhile to post photos, because the only souvenir that made it back with us was a nasty, lung-wretching cold that far surpassed any other cold of my adult life. And only now am I feeling energy to call upon my brain neurons to post. . .

This first shot is from a hotel window in Miami. We stayed at the Port of Miami Holiday Inn, just across the port. It's nothing fancy, just expensive, and very convenient to the port. We flew in a day early, because with a cruise in the winter, its a very good idea to allow a whole day for weather snafus. And with 12 hours of flights and airports, including one trek across an open field of snow to get from the parking lot to the airport entrance, a day of recovery time is a Very Good Idea.

And it gave me plenty of time to press my lens against the hotel window, using a slow shutter speed, to get light trails from the cars below:

Waiting in the Port of Miami just prior to embarkation is an exercise in containing excitement. You are so close, and have made it past so many of the Things That Can Go Wrong in travel!

Once you board, the first stop is the first buffet. This is your first chance to have Choice Overload of picking out all kinds of tasty things to sample. I've been trying to follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and had decided that on this trip, I'd eat whatever I felt like, and assess its impact. I noticed that for the most part, I genuinely wanted the choices that were still within the Diet guidelines. There was enough that was not, however, and although I felt the impact, it was not disastrous. I was very aware, however, that the effect might be being masked by medication, but all went well.

After the buffet is when you drag your carry-on luggage to your cabin and are allowed to check into the room. I find that the only reason to really keep much luggage with us at that point is because I'm just not willing to let me photographic equipment stray to far from my hands and sight.

Not too long after unpacking in our cabin, it's time for the mandatory life boat drill. Strangely, we don't have to put the life jackets on, just watch how it's done, and even though I'm one of those people who pay attention to the safety stuff on airplanes (and read my vehicle owner's manual), I missed the life jacket demonstration! I must have just spaced it out, watching some little kids torture their parents with sibling rivalry. Ooops! After all the Carnival Cruise line trouble, and seeing Titanic, I really did want to pay attention!

Time to check out the pools and decks!

And to check out a tropical drink-of-the-day! I'd thought we'd order the drink-of-the-day each day, but there really are just too many choices!

And before long, the Embarkation Party! Here's something really important to note: No one is wearing parkas or gloves! Or racing AWAY from the outdoors! . . . . *sigh. . . . it's another world!

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