Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 341: Random Christmas Foo-Foo

This is some pretty Christmas bling in the hotel lobby in Northfield, MN. I attended Dianna's most incredible choir concert at St. Olaf College this past Thursday. This was the most incredible concert I've ever attended in the all the years of attending my children's concerts! I hope to pull it up on-line later at their website. It's incredible how hard the students work in preparing and rehearsing for these concerts. . . and they're scheduled just before finals! People stand in line for hours trying to get tickets!

Tomorrow, I hope to post my Cleaning-my-Camera-Sensor journey. I entered into the jungles of fear and darkness in tackling this! (OK, maybe not that dramatic, but it WAS nerve-wracking!)


Amy said...

That's some pretty foo-foo! I hope you're able to get the concert online, I'd love to hear it!

I need to get my sensor cleaned too, ugh!

pat said...

Hey, pretty foo-foo! I take it that is the technical term, or perhaps a ND colloquialism... I have sweaty palms just waiting to hear your camera sensor adventure!

Lou said...

Love the foo-foo, and can't wait for the scoop on the sensor cleaning.