Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 355: An Ornament & 12 Things that Turned out to Not be such Great Ideas After All

Just for fun, I thought I'd list 12 things in life that turned out to not be such great ideas after all. Life is just full of adventures, some which maybe needed to be thought through a tad more:

1. 1974: Take a job as cab driver shortly after getting my driver's license. Very shortly.

2. 1977: Taking a knife from a man who was about to cut his throat, and not noticing that the police back-up was running backing AWAY from the whole thing. (Actually, this turned out ok, but I just wouldn't advise it to anyone else.)

3. 1981: Moving my Honda Civic inside a U-Haul to California, and the following problems figuring out how to get it out of the U-Haul, without just driving it out and letting it drop to the ground.

4. 1981: Dropping our Christmas tree over the 3rd floor balcony.

5. 1984: Cutting 1 year old Scotty's hair ourselves, but having him take off his shirt, letting him eat a sucker. . . and then his freaking out when his black hair stuck to the baby drool on his belly.

6. 1985: Spraying WD40 into my gas water heater to try and loosen a valve. . . and having a scary visit from the fire department, smoke damage, buying a new water heater, and my husband coming home to see his two baby sons, wife, and the fire department all standing outside our house.

7. 1997: Filling up our car with gas. . . .before abandoning it in our garage when evacuating our town during the flood.

8. 1997: Filling up our refrigerator with fish to feed people who might need to stay in our house for shelter . . . and then abandoning the house, without power, for 2 weeks.

9. 1997: Chasing the burglar, who I had just surprised in my house, during the flood of 1997. . . .(but I'm still glad I did it because I got my wedding ring back.)

10. 2004: Throwing away a gas receipt while moving Brian to college in Missouri. . . and being stopped by the police for a $12 gas charge, accused of running the gas pumps, and having to drive 120 miles back to the gas station to keep from going to jail.

11. 2004: Throwing away a Metro receipt in France. . . and being stopped by the Metro swat team, and being fined lots of Euros for not having a receipt.

12. 2004: Putting my hand in the metro door in France to catch up with my family. . . and I'm alive thanks to 3 strong men who finally pried the door open, releasing me less than a second before the train pulled away. France does NOT have the safety devices that the US has!

Oh, there are sadly many more, but these are some that come to mind!

ETA: #13. My brother is probably right. The list should have included hitting him in the head with a dart because I thought that AIMING at him meant that I probably wouldn't hit him. (Then again, note that it DIDN'T originally make the BAD IDEA list :) )


Becky said...

Oh, that last one gave me shivers!!! Scary. I'm sure I could come up with a long list myself. I love your ornament--the colors are so pretty.

Sharon said...

Cute ornament!

You are brave to post all of this for everyone to read. ;)

S.Kremer said...

Very Cute:) I just love Christmas tree ornaments:)
Shawna (shawkrem)

Lou said...

You have led a very interesting life! I think there could be a book in there somewhere. Love your ornament too.

Barb and Bob said...

What? Hitting me in the head with a dart doesn't even make the list? Well, I have to admit it is a rather impressive list.

Love ya,

Suzy said...

I hope you will elaborate on #2?? You took a knive from someone? I need more details!

Reds said...

wow - you have quite a list!! LOL

Kerry said...

These are all hilarious--of course after the fact. :)

kikimama said...

Hiya, loving your photos. Also love that list, though there are a few scary ones on there!

Bobbi said...

Holy cow you have had a exciting life! This was such an interesting read...mine would be so boring. Something like I regret not saving my hammer pants.

PierKiss said...

Your Christmas ornament is beautiful! :)

Joanne said...

ROFL! What a list! Oh my goodness you've had some interesting adventures! I'm thankful for my boring life, especially after that last one! haha!

Amy said...

Very cute ornament, I just love those shiny ones! And I also really enjoyed reading your list, it's amazing the interesting things we do! :)

Amy said...

I meant to add... "and live to tell about them!"