Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NewsFlash: Mom Steals Son's Work While He Defends the Motherland

Really, when you think about it, what's so wrong about plagiarizing your kid's words? I think my son, Scott, is a wonderful, funny, writer, and I like his descriptions of North Dakota, so I'm just going to steal them and pass them off as my own. (After all, he's never sued me for anything as far as I can remember.) On his Facebook page, Scott says:

"I'm from the great state of North Dakota. Let me just answer quickly some questions you may have about it:

"So do people actually live there?"
No, no one actually lives in North Dakota. Everyone who works there lives just on the other side of the border with either Minnesota or Montana, and commutes to work each day (but not South Dakota since no one lives there either). For those working in the middle of the state in such places as Bismark, the commute can take upwards of 4 hours each way.
"Does it get pretty cold there?"
No, this is a little known fact, but North Dakota is in a subtropical climate due to the Mannitoba current which keeps the range of temperatures in the state from an average high of 97 degrees F in the summer to an average low of 44 degrees F in the winter, so most years we'll go without any snowfall at all!
"Isn't that in Canada?"
Yes. The US established the 49th parallel as the border with Canada in 1818 following the Louisiana Purchase, with the exceptions of North Dakota and 3 counties in South Carolina which technically remain within Canada.
"Is that where Mt. Rushmore is?"
Yes. Mt. Rushmore is located in a warehouse 5 miles outside Beulah, North Dakota and is projected into South Dakota via a highly sophisticated holographic display.
"What do you do for fun there?"
Most days are spent around the camp helping out with communal chores and arranging hunting parties, but if we get lucky, on Saturday night we'll have a squirrel hunt or a box social to attend. Also binge drinking, copious amounts of binge drinking."

Besides, Scott is on some boat, somewhere near South America (not in South Dakota),defending our country apparently from Peruvian sherpas, so he'll never know I'm stealing his words.

(Kids, this may be another reason not to let your parents be your "friends" on Facebook. But not you, Scott.)

I thought this photo from somewhere in ND would be fitting for this post. I used the Dirt Bag action, at full strength, from RAD to add the texture:


Lauren said...

LOL, I love it. But you know what I love even more? That you and your son are Facebook friends. I sent a friend request to my son twice. Both times they were completely IGNORED!

Becca said...

ROFL! I'm Facebook friends with me daughter, we chat there even when we're in the same house!

Cindi Koceich said...

That is a hoot!!
And, I have to find that action! My step sister and brother call each other dirtbag all the time!
Great shot!

Gypsy Girl said...

As usual you have me LOL. What a cool barn.

Steph said...

Great shot ... love the "narration" that goes with it.

Suzy said...

LOL,, I just learned so much! So squirrel hunting eh? SOunds like a good time! Nice capture to!

Mandy said...

Hahaha....I love his sarcasm, and your picture is gorgeous. That must be where you guys stock pile the sand for all of your tropical beaches I bet. I love when people as me if we have running water in our houses in Maine. (I mean DUH) The funny thing is, my first boy friends family didn't...they had an outhouse and a pump even up until 2000. (when I finally realized he was a retard and dumped him)

But we get that a lot too. :)

Reds said...

Cool shot of the barn - and too funny about stealing your son's words! LOL!

pat said...

Angela--I needed a good laugh, and I KNEW I would find a few good chuckles in your posts. Love your son's descriptions, AND the fact that your purloined them off Facebook. LOL! The barn is gorgeous (I am a barn junkie). LOVE the scenic view, and the lovely "bathing beauty" in the pond. What a hoot! Thanks for the giggles this morning!! :-)

Margaret said...

That is hilarious!
And at first, Parker looked a little leery when I told him I was going to friend him on Facebook, but he got over it and actually confirmed my request.

Love that photo. The texture is great!

Mom2Drew said...

I've yet to get into Facebook, but I think it's cool that you two are buddies/friends.

Sharon said...

Thanks for clearing that up. I will cross ND off my list of places to visit. ;)

Maria said...

I love Scott's humor. He also "friended" me and I get a kick out of his funny entries. I really like the barn shot. I'd love to see you play with it like you've done with other pictures. This has so much potential.

Scott said...

Dear Mother,

I am writing to inform you that you will soon be served with a subpeona and be required to appear before a grand jury investigating your blatant plagaristic actions. I will see you in court,