Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wacipi--Kids and Drummers

Tonights photos from the Wacipi start out with this shot of a circle of the drummers. Drumming is very important in a Pow Wow, and there's usually drumming throughout all the days of the event. The drumming and dancing must get exhausting, and can last for days!

I found this information about the drumming: "The drum is recognized as a separate entity and represents a liaison with our Creator, containing thunder and lightening, and when struck calls the Creator's attention and the spirits of our forefathers."

Usually, when one group was drumming, someone stood nearby with a mike on a pole suspended just above the drums to broadcast the sound of the drums to throughout the arena.

The rest of these photos are of the little dancers. They seemed to have an abundance of energy even while the adults appeared to slow down! Forget getting a sharp image of these whirling dervishes! When they dance, there's going to be blur!


On another note, I just wanted to share something I learned today: At my work, over this past week, we had the unfortunate experience of having our McAfee antivirus subscription manage to install an update that had bad data that basically totally messed with our computers. They were inoperable for most of the week. Finally, today, a wonderful and perhaps brilliant computer guru bot to our office and installed the patch created to repair McAfee's chaos. Troy recommended that we use Avant's free antivirus, rather than McAfee's paid program. He also recommended malwarebytes for anti-malware, and ccleaner for getting rid of the basic junk on the computer.

Just thought I'd pass this info along!


pat said...

Love the shots of the mini whirling dervishes. I think the "blur" just accentuates the motion of their dancing..think of it as artistic license. I've used "Slugg-O" and find it to be as effective as Deadline--anything to kill the buggers!

April said...

Those are cool pictures. Love all the colors.

Lauren Hartman said...

Oh, you've conveyed a fabulous sense of movement in these, especially #2!

Suzy said...

Absolutely fantastic!

Yolanda said...

I have really enjoyed these. I can almost hear the drum beats!

Maria said...

As usual with your posts, you give us a lot to think about. First, I like the idea of catching the creator's attention by playing the drums. I wonder if it would work with my pots and pans.

Second, the children dancing reminded me of a wedding we went to when our kids were young, and all John and David did the entire time was spin on the dance floor - even before the dancing began. They didn't seem to tire out for the duration of the wedding, but when we left, they fell asleep in the car and were dead to the world until the next day.

Jeanne said...

Wonderful sense of movement in the photos. One definitely gets the feel for the dancing! The drumming information is fascinating. I noticed some of the drummers were not in regalia. Is there a particular reason for that, do you know? It's almost striking next to the drummer dressed to the hilt.

Sorry to hear about the computer issues. I'm glad they got restored, but I sure wish there weren't those out there who's intent is to wreak havoc on them in the first place!

Reds said...

I know I said it before - but love the colors - so fun!! And the little dancers - so cute!! And thanks for the tip - will look into it!

Julie said...

I have really enjoyed these pictures. Love the blur movement on the dancing, really caputures the essence! Great work