Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year's!

Toasting the New Year is the perfect time to put all my camera gadgets to work!

It took me a good year, but I finally figured out the very bad English translation from Japanese of the instructions for the remote for my Nikon D300s.

And my problem was so silly: I just could not find where the remote receiver attached to the camera! It turned out to be under a little rubber cap on the front left of the camera! Right there in plain sight! Ah,. . . well, . . . I got to used it quite a bit this Christmas!

So that's why you're seeing a few photos of me this year; it's not that I've suddenly turned into some kind of narcissist; it's just that it's easier to coerce me and dear Doug to pose for pictures, than other members of my family, and with this remote, now I'm fair game for practice.

So, for our New Year's toast, I used my tripod, SB800 set on iTTL, -2/3 exposure compensation and a diffuser bounced off the ceiling above us; ISO 400, f/6.3; ss .5, and the Nikon 2.8 105 mm lens.

On the Nikon D300s, you can arrange and save settings in different "banks" known as "Picture Controls." I have one set up for portraits, and one set up for more vivid color processing, and then another set to just use jpeg formats & vivid processing. Unfortunately, I goofed, and picked the more vivid processing, and then had to beat back some of that wild Nikon color in post processing. . . .

Doug and I did what we usually do on New Year's eve; we search for old episodes of "Cops", although this year we delved into new territory: "Mall Cops."

Perhaps you remember my inadvertent ending up in an episode of Mall Cops. I thought it was just a re-enactment that was being filmed, not an actual event involving a guy from Russia being tackled to the floor in the restaurant in which we were eating. And I jumped up to photograph the blood!
If you must, you can see that post here.

The episode I ended up in. . . . or rather, the back of my head ended up in it. . . is the first episode of Mall Cops, after the pilot episode.

But I digress (or am about to, now.) We had actually considered breaking with our usual New Year's Eve "Cops" tradition by going out with friends to hear music New Year's Eve.

Fate would have none of it, and sent a 2nd blizzard in two days to our little neck of the woods, and stranded us inside, with Netflix, Nikon, "Mall Cops," and a bottle of champaign.

I hope your celebrating the New Year was equally fun!


Janett said...

So glad to "see" you! (whisper) I've seen a few episodes in my day! Ha. Happy New Year!

Christi said...

Great picture!

Happy New Year!

HLIP said...

I've noticed you appearing in a few photos lately & they have been great! Today's photo is especially good.

Having the remote produces a much nicer effect than trying to hold the camera at arms length & getting a fishy effect, or setting the timer and running like crazy to jump in the shot.

I might have taken a time out from posting on the potd threads for awhile, but I've kept up w/your blog daily & I LOVE IT! Please never stop letting us share your life through photos.


Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...

Happy New Year. Nice to "see" you again. Great picture you and DH.

cari said...

Sounds like you had a great night. I like that you took photos with you in them. I need to do that more!

Maria said...

Happy New Year, Angela! The four of us waited for New Year's half asleep in our recliners. At midnight we went through our ritual of eating 12 grapes, drinking some champagne and throwing out some water out the back door. We were in bed by 12:15.

I for one like the pictures of you. You are rocking those eyeglasses! Are they new? Very nice!

Barb said...

Happy New Year Angela,
That is a very nice photo of you and Doug. We had an early dinner yesterday with a couple of our kids and their spouses returning home early. It may sound a little strange but several people on the lake shot fireworks at midnight and it was kind of neat.

Reds said...

Glad we will see you in front of the camera more - you are beautiful! And happy new year to you and Doug!

Nicki said...

Oh, we don't reserve Cops/Mall Copes/ Dumbest Criminals to the holidays; we're indulgent like that. We spent ours watching a British car show - which was actually quite entertaining. And then Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark (actually painful to listen to Dick Clark talk this year - sad, so sad). Our Sparkle (kid friendly drink) had turned to something other than grape juice, so we settled on Serra Mist. Served the purpose.
The 300s is in my sights, now if I can just get the budget to see my point of view, we'll be in business. Your settings have been great on the self-portraits. Enjoy seeing you along with Doug and the kids.

Photographing Mom said...

Happy New Year!

Glad you got your camera figured out. :D

Steph said...

I think you guy's picture looks great. You did great with your flash!! Nice to see you.