Saturday, August 13, 2011

Birthday Road Trip

My birthday was last week, and you know how on your birthday, you get to push the envelope a little and ask for something from family members that on other days they might grumble a bit. (Not terribly; you just know it's not there favorite thing to do).

Well, my "pick" was to head to a little hole-in-the-wall cafe for breakfast, and then hit the back roads (long, boring, flat stretches) of North Dakota, with two wonderful buddies, Doug, and my dog, Ruby, and some camera gear.

First, we went to Darcy's Cafe in Grand Forks:

You know-- the perfect place--great coffee, huge breakfasts, and old, chipped, wooden booster seats, odd little photos tacked on the wall, neon lights, and waitresses that call you "hon", and Kenny's Special on the chalkboard menu.

Oh, and the ever kind server who will race out to your car before you pull away to give you your credit card that you forgot on the table!


Nicki said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday - sounds like it was a good one. I love the old fashion, hole-in-the-wall, big breakfast serving restaurants - takes me back to my childhood (we never go out for breakfast these days!).

Maria said...

I bet Ruby didn't object! Not with all the opportunities for smelling new and interesting things! I'm glad you had a nice birthday exploring the North Dakota territory, now that there's talk about it not being a state . . . :-). Can't wait to see the pictures!