Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Birthday Tour: Part 3 Icelandic State Park

And this is a rare bit of wonderfulness in North Dakota: an honest to God, actual, real, beach. They're rare, and miles and miles apart (unless you think of Devil's Lake, which is a lake that seems to be slowly consuming the state, like something out of a grade B horror flick named something like "The Glob"). But this is in Icelandic State Park, and it's beautiful.

And there are walking trails! Just wandering through the woods, along some fields. Doug is stalking a monarch. The monarch population has been declining because of the use of herbicides to control milkweed. Apparently, the monarch really depends on the milkweed plant. So I guess Doug should grab this photo while he can.

And you know that little obsession I have about sRGB? And making sure that the photos I post are in this color space rather than RGB? Forget all that stuff I said about "convert" vs. assign. It turned out that the new "save for web" action I created did not have the "embed color space" box checked off, after my computer crash in March. That's all it was! I created a new action, and now, finally, I should have dependable sRGB posts.

Why is this important, you ask? Because web browser need the information to figure out how to interpet the colors in your photo. This means that after you carefully edit your photos, the browser will willy nilly interpret the color any old way it feels like. Unless you embed the color profile in sRGB, and then there's more of a chance that the right color information will be communicated to the browser. (But then there's still that problem of not all browsers being color managed. Will you ever listen Google Chrome?)


Amanda said...

It looks like a nice trip! That's a great shot of your hubby taking the butterfly picture :D

Maria said...

It's so scary what's happening to our insects. I worry about our bees. I love honey and worry every time I hear that the bee populations all over the world are declining. I'm glad Doug is photographing his butterfly. He seems to still be into photography, huh? Good for him!

Barb said...

The photos are beautiful! The lake water looks very blue. Ruby looks as though she enjoyed the trip as well.

Nicki said...

So when is Doug going to start his blog? Doug, The Butterfly Whisperer. Doug & Ruby's Wild & Crazy Adventures. Doug: My Wife Has Nothing On My Photography. lol! I'm enjoying your detailed tour.