Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hamilton, ND pop. 73: Part 2 of the Birthday Tour

It was an exhaustive process, but I managed to edit the all of the photos from my extensive tour of Hamilton, ND. Should you, yourself, attempt this walking tour of the city, let me assure you that with good shoes, you CAN walk the entire downtown in one day.

Here is the post office, the centerpiece of the city's sweeping skyline:

Note that the post office includes a small cafe.

Next up, the shopping district. Should you desire to have a shopping spree in Hamilton, it would be helpful to check in advance which days, and hours, the Coffee House Treasures is open. Sadly, we missed that golden window of opportunity to pick up the rare, and perhaps rarely accessible, treasures of lifetime.

And here is a second cafe, and lest there be any question about it, YES! They do have Budweiser! My photo does not do justice to the signage which graces this establishment, marking it as Luscious Lou's 5-81 Country Bar & Grill. Darn, looks like I also missed my chance to meet Luscious Lou. (What's your guess, male or female?)

Above, you also see poor Ruby with Doug. Ruby is not "poor" because Doug has her with him; she's poor because he left her idiot harness on her that keeps her from leaping over the back seat of our car and taking over the steering wheel. It's bulky, obnoxious, and did not manage to keep her from chewing the backseat belt almost all the way through.

Another thing to note about the above photo is the red pick-up truck. After we got back in our car, the elderly, and rather grim-faced driver of this vehicle, tried out his Homeland Security Skills on us, driving up and down the street, four times, seriously scanning us for any signs of Up-to-no-Goodness. A tip of a the hat to the man in the red pick-up in doing his part to protect the Homeland, all .3 square miles of it, only 9.8 miles south of the Canadian border!

And if you want to do a bar crawl across little Hamilton, you could probably literally crawl it from the post office to Bill's Place, to Luscious Lou's. And back. And what a night you'd have!


Barb said...

Having a cafe in a post office is a cute idea. Sometimes it is good to do a little road trip and get a way just to get a different perspective on things.

Nicki said...

How did you find the energy to post after such a whirl-wind tour. Certainly a party town - and I'm guessing Lou is a gal - there were blinds up versus a hanging sheet or something equally classy. Ruby has REALLY grown! wow!