Thursday, February 9, 2012

Emergency Run for Odor Eaters & How I changed Homeland Security!

Brian aka Commando Tour Guide next led from Grand Central Station to FAO Schwartz, and then he headed off to see a Mizzou basketball game with friends, temporarily handing off the Mom-Chore to Dianna.

Dianna and I wandered through Central Park. At first, we were a little scared, but it was so beautiful, and I was struck by the laughter of the ice skaters in the park.  This was not at all like Home Alone in the park.
 Actually, lots of my stereotypes of New York City were challenged with this trip!

We saw Rockefeller Center, and more ice skaters:

Radio City:

We stared and lights people and more lights for awhile in Times Square:

And then Dianna and I settled down to hot chocolate at Starbucks, a New York mug purchase, and then our return to the hotel.

Remember, this is the Long Day of driving to Fargo, racing at (my) top speed through the Minneapolis airport, and then from 6 pm to 11:30 pm walking through New York. In shoes that as it turns out had gotten wet the day before trodding through foggy North Dakota cemeteries, playing with my dog outside, etc. And I took my shoes off in the hotel.

How do I say, nicely, with aplomb, that they stunk to high heaven?  Honest, I've never had this issue before! But I stunk up the hotel room! Brian arrived around 11:45pm, in time for our heading out again to the Empire State Building. ("Oh, goody!" said the Commando-Tour Guide, this site is open until 2am!"). Brian walked into the hotel room, and wanted to know what "that stench" was.

Tomorrow I'll post photos of the Empire State Building, but tonight I will tell you about our emergency run after the Empire State Building, to an all-night pharmacy, to buy 3 pairs of odor eaters!  Also, remember, the airlines had lost my suitcase, so the socks I was wearing were it. (Until in desperation, Brian gave me a pair of his--to keep.)

Anyway, I'm afraid I'm due for a new pair of walking shoes. You know how you have to take your shoes off at the airport?  Let me say I just sent New York City into depth-con Threat level 4!  Security personnel were swooning left and right! And did you notice this morning that there are now changes in the airport security procedures?  In major cities (like New York City), (many) passengers will no longer have to take their shoes off.  Coincidence?  I think not.


Nicki said...

I am quite literally LOL. You must book your travels with the same bravado I do mine - if there is something that can go wrong, it must happen or the trip is incomplete (i.e., missing luggage).

Your pictures take me back to the trip I took to NYC a few years back with my daughter. A great many of my stereotypes were dispelled as well.

Suzy said...

OMG, ROFL! I love your photos and am enjoying seeing your trip adventures. But you have me laughing with your odor story! Love it!

joscelyne cutchens said...

giggling over here! I love all the lights and buildings. so many cool things to see! :)

Tracie said...

You are so funny! Great shots to document your trip.

Maria said...

Did I ever tell you that when I with my family arrived from Cuba we lived in New York City for two years? I love New York!