Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hours 16 to 17:39 in New York City

By my 16th hour in New York, Brian had us moving pretty rapidly from the 911 Memorial through the streets of New York City to Wall Street. Those navigation phone apps with GPS are incredible, especially in the hands of the likes of Brian! He finds the shortest path, hitting the most spots of interest, and had us at Wall Street.

I was quite surprised by this area. I always thought that "Wall Street" meant some big long street. It's just a little corner, at least the one from the "olden days." But so fun to see it, and the little park where the "Wall Street Occupiers" first set up.

Hour 16:15, we were at the Staten Island Ferry, because who can travel to New York without seeing The Lady?

Another view of the Brooklyn Bridge:

And by 16:49, there she was! It was challenging to get shots from the fairly small outside deck of the ferry, dodging everyone's heads, let alone braving the cold winds. There's a reason, I'm realizing, that hotel rooms are cheaper in New York City in February than they are in the summer.

Speaking of hotel rooms in the summer, we're going back! Well, after I discovered that no one thinks my hot dog was a REAL New York hot dog, what choice did I have? So Doug and I are heading to New York over another weekend in June for a conference. (And I'm hoping to get to go again to the absolutely best spot in all of New York again! You won't get to find out what this is until I get to Hour 41 of my travelogue! Trust me, you will be envious!)


Suzy said...

These are wonderful! I really love the statue of liberty shot! And the Brooklyn bridge to. I'm not sure what a navigation phone is, but it sounds very helpful.

joscelyne cutchens said...

beautiful shots. i think the staten island ferry shot is my fave.

Reds said...

I love New York - we are going back to in May probably! I have been 2 times last year... and haven't seen the Statue of Liberty up close yet - next time fore sure! Can't wait to know what's making you go back to NY!

Marcy said...

Beautiful! The processing is great, too.

Marcy said...

Beautiful! The processing is great, too.

Barb said...

Oh, I missed these pictures also. I forgot to mention that I love the murals at the station in your other post.