Sunday, April 1, 2012

DC Conference

Every couple of years I go to a conference in DC for a few days. The hours are long, usually from 8am until 9:30 pm each night, with minimal breaks for long lines to the bathrooms.

 Feeling sorry for me?


Because this is a conference that knows how to work in a little pleasure and joy wherever it can to brighten things up!

Now, don't be too jealous; this was just the surprising "intro" to the conference, not the ongoing content, which was much more content/work/skill focused, (translation: dry).

And for one glorious 45 minutes, and the day without rain, I slipped outside the front of the hotel and got these beautiful shots!

 I  offered to take a shot of a young couple among the tulips, and just when I was feeling  a little arrogantly-camera-smart, I managed to fall over backward into the street! (Not hurt, and the guy of the couple strongly helped me get back up. Escape helped my bruised ego!)

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Nicki said...

At least there were some bright spots to the conference - even if only momentary and combined with a touch of humble pie (sounds like something that would happen to me).

Maria said...

Sorry about your mishap! Yikes! Thank goodness you didn't injure yourself. That's the important part.

The shot of those tulips is beautiful!

Reds said...

Glad you didn't get hurt! And DC is a wonderful city - went there a couple of times and loved it!

Barb said...

The flower shots especially are beautiful. I am glad you are OK.

Stephanie said...

such wonderful colors everywhere!!!

Love it!

My 365 Project said...

The flowers are beautiful!