Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Low Key

Another Tutorial Tuesday! But I had such a hard time with this. The concept seems so simple: use one light source, against a black background, control a minimal amount of light on your subject, and take your shot.

I did not have a black background, but used a dark hallway. I used an external flash, set on manual, remote, 1/4 power. The camera was set at ISO 400, 1/320, f/11, and I used a 50mm lens on manual focus.

Then I blocked off part of the external flash with a gobo (translation: a Yogi Ginger tea box, and two of my fingers) to try to block more of the external flash light, in order to have less of it spill off Ruby and onto the background. ("Gobo" apparently means "go between" your subject and flash).

Then I processed the photo with a RadLab black & white action.

I'm not thrilled with the shot; I think it makes sweet Ruby look like a wolf. She wasn't completely happy with this process, but she's such an agreeable puppy, and there was one miserable piece of dog kibble hanging in the balance, so she waited and waited and waited. . . . . and this was the best I got!

Here's the link for Tutorial Tuesday if you'd like to play along and learn cool things:
Tutorial Tuesday


Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...

Thanks for the link I make take a look. Sorry I am no help or good for information. I think you doggie is cute.

Anonymous said...

I think it turned out well.

Captured by Kim Orgar said...

Sweet dog!

Margaret said...

I think the shot looks great! I'm off to take a look at that link when I get a chance, also.

Nicki said...

My problem with low light is how to still get 'life' in the eyes - so many of them have dark/flat eyes and it goes against everything I otherwise work to achieve in portraits. Ruby is such the sweetie to pose for you, and I don't think she can take a bad picture.

Reds said...

I'm with Nicki - Ruby can't take a bad picture... and neither can you!

Ashley Sisk said...

I think the interesting thing about this photo is that it really brings out your dog's features. I think it looks really nice.