Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm not completely happy with these. After 145 shots, this was the best I could do. I really wanted to get the paper in the background nice and sharply focused in the water drop, but, alas, this was the best I could do. And figuring out how to keep the shadow of the faucet out of the shot was also an interfering variable.

But here they are, without further ado:

And this is the setup for the waterdrop photos.  The patterned scrapbook paper is near the faucet, and I tried to use a reflector to diminish the shadow of the faucet cast by the flash. Settings were ISO 200, ss 1/250, and f/5.6.  I tried using f/11 to see if I could get more sharpness of the pattern in the drops, but it allowed to much of the background to be in focus to be satisfying.


Becca said...

Droplets shot are so hard! You did better than my attempt. All I ended up with was a wet piece of scrapbook paper.
You may have not gotten these as sharp as you would have liked, but they are still pretty. :)

Barb said...

I like it. They look very artsy even though you may not have ended up with what you want.