Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lab Mode & Sponge

I thought I'd play around with this photo of Brian and Dianna in London. I cropped it to just focus on Dianna (sorry, Brian; guess the truth is out about who's the favorite. Just remember you both complain about photos posted:) )

I wanted to try the stuff used for "urban backgrounds." I duplicated this, switched to "lab" mode, multiply blend layer, reduced the opacity, masked back Dianna's face & hair,and I switched back to RGB mode. Then I sponged, increasing saturation in areas I wanted to intensify.

I added a warming filter, and then burned the edges a bit.

It was just fun to play with!


Maria said...

This is an awesome picture of Dianna. She is so beautiful!

shirley said...

Cool effect - I like the brighter look!

pat said...

Ok...I don't understand a thing you did, but I sure like the results! Fun shot of D. How great that she was able to meet you in London.

Raechel said...

Great pic and the edit is lovely! Your daughter looks so pretty!

Nicki, said...

Great results! (so sorry for your son - if its any consolation to him, my little brother was always my Mom's favorite - sometimes we have to accept our position in life! -- or agree to be photographed and move up a spot! ... lol)