Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This Week's Theme: Favorite Things

This week's theme is "favorite things," and Doug is certainly not a "thing" , but he definitely makes it into my "favorites" folder! He's working away on a recumbent exercise bike. .. a bike I actually bought for myself and then within days was being put in walking casts. I've never been successfully able to use it, but I'm so glad that my sweetie is putting it to good use!

I included this photo because I wanted you to see the strange statue/wooden thing sitting behind Doug on the mantle. (He bought it, not me.) Doesn't that look like a little creature that would fly out and land on your bed in a Stephen King novel? If I were using the bike, I don't thing I'd do it with that behind me!

I also wanted you to see the shirt he's wearing. You can't see what it says, but it says "Night of the Living Fringe" and "It's a No-Brainer", and there's a black and white graphic of a brain image on the front. It's from a Fringe Festival in Winnepeg.


Maria said...

Good choice for your favorites. I can't wait to see what the others are. ShamWow, perhaps . . .?

Jeanne said...

You are so dead on in your descriptions...I was wondering what that item was on your mantle and then you said that about Stephen King and I started hearing the Twilight Zone theme! LOL