Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another of My Chicks is Home (It's a Mom Thing)

Scott's home for Christmas! It's so wonderful to see him; we haven't seen him since last Christmas, and no matter how old they get, there's something very intense about getting to gather all your young-uns together at once, especially at Christmas.

So, this is 2 out of our 3; one more to arrive home. Did you ever get to see Muppet Family Christmas, back in the late 80s or 90s? It was when Fozzy went home to surprise his mother, who had actually been planning to go on a trip. Fozzy brought all the Muppets with him, and the Sesame Street characters. Miss Piggy braved all kinds of terrible blizzard conditions, trying to join them, fairly oblivious and unphased by all the obstacles. The whole show was filled with Christmas songs, the mom finding food for a huge crowd of "people", and the emphasis was on being together for Christmas.

This Christmas feels a little bit like that, although not really in a good way. Brian isn't home yet. He won't be able to leave Minneapolis until after 2 pm, and then drive 5 hours northeast. . . .through a predicted, mammoth blizzard.

As much as I want to see him, and he wants to see all of us, I just want him to make a wise decision about this, and not risk his life! Tomorrow, most likely I'll alternate between being glued to the weather channel, and distracting myself, probably with baking.

(Scott has a rather wide range of humorous "looks" that he adopts in the blink of an eye.)


Beth said...

I like that "look" and I hope he has a safe journey if he decides to attempt it. Merry Christmas!

Nicki, said...

I hope Brian makes a safe journey home and you can have that crazy wacky Muppet Family Christmas. Merry Christmas Angela & Family!

Reds said...

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a safe drive for Brian to come home! and do bake if it takes your mind off of things! ;)

Jeanne said...

That your son is willing to brave the elements to try to get home for Christmas speaks volumes right there!

I'm thrilled for you that hopefully all your chicks will be around for the holiday. It will be magical for sure.

Thank you Angela, for all that you have shared here on your blog. I truly look forward to seeing what you have been up to. You inspire me to look at things just a bit differently and to giggle madly.

May your Christmas be magical and 2010 full of all things wonderful!

Cheri said...

I'm only a few years away from that kind of worry. Sending good vibes your way for Brian to be home safe and for your beautiful family to have a wonderful Christmas together!

Maria said...

Your newly arrived chick is looking good! His eyes remind me of Lee's. Lee also has that ability to raise his eyebrows at will. I'm so jealous of that!

I hope that Brian can make it home safely. Now I'll be watching the Weather Channel, too, just to track the blizzard that's headed your way.

Barb said...

That is a cute photo of Scott. What a handsome young man. Let us know when Brian gets in. Jane, Ben and Jake got in last night at midnight after many delays. They said over 200 flights were canceled at O'Hare and felt fortunate that they made it here. We are supposed to get 2 to 4 inches of snow today which is unheard of very often here.

Sharon said...

Glad the (baby) chicks are coming home Mother Hen. I have a long way until I have to worry, if ever. ;)

Merry Christmas!

Bobbi said...

Aww I hope your last chick makes it home safe! Love this picture too, so funny!