Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Warm Heart Shots

I don't want to "push the envelope" and harass Dianna too much for photos, but I'm still very much in Mom-Bliss-Out mode over her being home. So here's a shot to represent her:

The ugly little balls on the dish are very tasty. . . and potent, I might add. . . . rum balls. Now that Dianna is 21, she's can eat these if she wants.

This little Mom and Dad Snowman ornament has been with Doug and I for many years, and seems to capture the "mush" of the season for us. I really like pulling it out and putting it top and center on our entertainment center.

I hope none of you are totally exhausting yourselves with Christmas preparations. Don't lose sight of the concept of "good enough", and remind yourself that you've done plenty. . . it'll be fine. . . . .


Nicki, said...

So glad you have your daughter back home - I can only imagine (and would prefer not to with a daughter gearing up for college after next year). I did peanut-butter balls today, but must admit those rum balls sound better.

Maria said...

I'm blissed out for you as well! I can't fathom a more precious Christmas gift than having my kids around.

Love your snowmen! . . . And what's wrong with mushy?

Vanessa said...

I love rum balls! Very cool photos! Welcome back Dianna!

Amy said...

I love rum balls as well :-)
We are not too stressed here - it's summer and the long holidays - no need to be stressed!

Jeanne said...

Love your warm heart shots. Having your daughter home with you has got to be the icing on the cake this holiday season.

Never had a rum ball and honestly would allow others to enjoy them if they were around. Those peanut butter balls Nicki mentioned sound heavenly though!

I want to thank you for your concern about my knee. It is MUCH better, a tweak rather than any serious damage (thank goodness). I was just working too fast and lost my balance and twisted it. It's fine now. I sure do appreciate your "momly" advice!


Sharon said...

Rummmmm ballllssssssss!

Do you make yours with rum? Mom made hers with Jim Beam. My grandmother would help roll them. One for her one for the neighbors. Mom always had to make a double batch.

I make mine with amaretto. Smooooth!

And we never had a minimum age for rum balls. Little Kristy was only 2 when she got drunk off of them... more ballssssss!

Beth said...

You sound so joyous in your posts about Dianna's return home:) Amd pretty please, post the rum ball recipe?

Kelly said...

Wonderful, clear and crisp shots. great memories captured.