Sunday, December 12, 2010

And how busy were YOU today? (Less than 2 weeks to Christmas!)

Time to get these puppies in the mail! (Thank you, Doug, for braving the US Postal Service even when it's 30 below!)

And more about Doug's sweetness: the ornament above was just a little bit buried into our Christmas tree. Doug takes many, many, MANY UNTOLD hours in arranging very specifically the ornaments of our tree. He also really likes to put the ones that he knows I like to look at very much in my line of vision.

And this ornament is one of my favorites; it reminds me of reading to my children when they were little (not that I wore hats with feathers while reading, and my kids didn't happen to be bears.)

So when I mentioned that there was a green ornament in front of it, the next thing I knew, the green ornament was relegated to the blackness of the other-side-of-the-tree outcaste-land! Isn't that sweet?

Speaking of sweet, but not at all in a good way, we happen to turn on the tv a few minutes ago and come upon The Lawrence Welk Show. Any of you know of this? It's this god-awful variety show produced in the late 50s and early 60s, and OMG! It's frightening! the lime green pants paired with fluffy pink jackets, combined with sappy, bubble-gum songs, marshmallows and bubbles, 2 cans of Aquanet Hairspray per person,zimbie-grins, background accordians and ukeleles music is all so very gaggy! (Apparently, Lawrence Welk was born in ND, and ND has such little claim to fame that it strolls out this stuff every now and then, ummmmm, celebrate? Someone is singing "I could have danced all night" right now. Someone, please, shoot me now! I hated this in childhood; I hate it now; time to wrestle the remote control from Doug, sweet guy or not!


Photographing Mom said...

Oh my goodness. That ornament is just *too* cute!!!

I was definitely not as busy as you were. :)

Christi said...

That's one sweet man you've got there. Mailing packages and arranging ornaments. He's a keeper. LOL

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Very sweet! My guy has been acting as my own personal postal worker lately too.

Maria said...

Doug IS very sweet! But, Angela, 30 below? OMG!

Let's go back to thinking good thoughts . . . Doug is so sweet!!!!!

Nicki said...

Love the ornament and I too am guilty of placing some very special ones in my line of view and delegate others to the rear of the tree. Lawrence Welk - oh my the memories. Yes, God-awful, but it was a ritual in our home. My great grand parents came up every Saturday night for dinner, mom would do grandma's hair and we watched Lawrence Welk. We only got 3 channels so there was no choice - and we were just that easily entertained. Sweet memories with a bitter taste I guess.

pat said...

Nice ornament shot! Doug is really a doll to willingly rearrange the tree for you. AND he braves the weather and the dreaded PO lines. KEEPER!! Unfortunately, I do remember Lawrence Welk...and a-one, and a-two...wunnerful, wunnerful!

Reds said...

Adorable ornament - and that's a lotta boxes to send!!