Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Delta Airlines, Your Wings Are Being Recalled

I'd hoped to blog much earlier tonight than this, but 2 hours of my life were swallowed up by Delta airlines. Tonight, I wanted to book a flight for my son. Earlier this year, I'd applied for an American Express Skymiles card that promised a $100 certificate and frequent flier miles. And a few months ago, I got the letter in the mail providing the instructions to redeem the certificate.

Sounds so simple, right? But with Delta, nothing is simple! Oh, how I wish there were other airlines that serviced North Dakota! I think flight on a mosquito might be simpler!

But it's their customer service that is so very dismal! Of course, the directions to redeem the certificate did not work. And during the 8 phone calls totaling 86 minutes, I promise you I stuck to my resolve to remain polite. I can't say the same thing for the Delta personnel; what is it that makes them so cranky? Has someone been threatening to make them take a turn in the TSA line?

The Delta representatives seemed to have three favorite options when they ran into difficulty resolving my problem:

1.Play a form of "hot potato" by blaming American Express,and telling me to call them (press "one" for "pass the buck");

2. Placing me on hold, for a VERY long time (28 minutes IS long, isn't it? My sense of "normal" started to get a little distorted. And I really didn't understand the Indian music. It was pretty, but a little weird, and I started to wonder if I was really connected to Delta. After awhile, I just hung up (press "two" for "on hold for all eternity or until you feel really, really gullible and/or baffled.)

3. This one is a variation of #2. Tell the customer to "hold for a few minutes" and after an interminable amount of time, just disconnect the call. (press "three" for "ha!ha! tricked you!")

I will say that American Express actually showed some initiative in the process, trying to talk to Delta directly for me, noting that Delta had 2 different frequent flier numbers assigned to me, and eventually issuing me a credit, most likely because they also despaired that dealing with Delta held any hope whatsoever.

Kudos to American Express; Delta, turn in those wings and ground yourself to the sidelines.


Maria said...

Jeez! How aggravating! Customer Service in general seems to me to be degrading even more than ever . . . I think they've forgotten about the customer part . . .

I love the picture of your ornaments! What an intriguing collection: An angel, a glass ball and a . . . flamenco dancer . . . ? That last one ought to have a post with the story all by itself!

Nicki said...

You didn't have anything else planned for the evening did you? I am with Maria questioning what qualifies as "customer service", but I convinced it is also lacking "service" - you might have to push "four" to get that.

At least you didn't get the dude named "Peggy". :)

Reds said...

Sorry you had all that trouble with Delta... Hope you got your rebate! And lovely ornament!

pat said...

OH man, I can understand! I HATE loathe and despise having to deal with Delta. Unfortunately, they are the best carrier to get me to my DD's...blast them. I've grown several more white hairs waiting for their so-called customer service. Have a book with you next time....

Are you sure you weren't speaking with Peggy?

Anonymous said...

Did it finally work? Was it the two numbers assigned to you messing it up? Please make sure if you have miles in both to consolidate them so you don't lose any. Of course that could lead to another similar post! :(

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

UGH! "Customer service", a never ending source of frustration! Almost as bad as "tech support"!!!!!!!