Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day 13: Layout a Day

Moriginals template #7
Meredith Fenwick Posh Crazy Beautiful

This is my 13th layout for the LayOut a Day challenge at I'm gradually working my way through photos from a trip we took to Alaska this past summer. In Ketchikan, we took a float plane ride over the Tongass Forest. I'm the kind of person who really prefers to keep my feet on the ground. Large planes don't bother me, but I'm not fond of ferris wheels or small little planes or things that might require good human competence to keep me alive. It's just that I know how many errors I might make in just plain old proof reading a post! What about dangerous stuff? I blame it on my middle son; he got me to watch "When Good Times Go Bad" with him years ago on TV. And those little books about things like "How to Survive a Shark Attack," . . . they're just unnerving! (If I could just run a nice little mental status evaluation on the ski lift operator, or find out about drinking behavior the night before) things might be easier. I did feel a bit compelled to follow this line of thinking once with the anesthesiologist before my husband's knee surger, but hey! You would too! He was wearing a bandana!

Anyway, I did go on a float plane ride with my family in Alaska and it was phenomenal! I think this should be a required experience for everyone, like one of the "A Thousand Places to see before you Die' book, but let's not mix death into this. . .

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