Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day 15: LayOut a Day

KissedTemplate 12
CRenae Art Fusion papers
dwd Rhonna distressed paint
jbolt delightinphoto stamps

I so enjoyed Scott being home for a visit for about 5 days. We hadn't seen him in 1 1/2 years; it's not that we don't like him, or anything like that--it's that he's stationed in Japan in the Navy. As I mention in the journaling for this, I caught Scott by surprise; he usually smiles much more readily, but I did like the slightly edgy, urban look of this photo. I added some grungy stamps to the layout.


Liv said...

Hi Angela! Surprise! I know my first comment on your blog is coming way below the latest, but I just enjoying reading everything before I wanted to comment. :) You have a wonderful son, and I am happy that you get to spend time with him, and sad that one day you'll both have to say goodbye to each other again. I can't imagine life separated from my 5 sons, even if I know that it's inevitable (and even if they can sometimes drive me up the wall now, haha!). So I guess what I'm trying to say is I feel for you. (((hugs))) :)

mom2three said...

Very nice page!