Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day 27 LOAD: Taking Down the Christmas Lights during a heat wave!

KPertiet Vintage Winter Kit; font: Impact & century gothic; bdate christmas promise beads;

I'm using this both for the L.O.A.D. challenge, day 27 and Jessica Sprague's challenge to complete a digiscrapped page in 30 minutes. This was hard! But not as hard as my husband's task. He's such a good guy!


Jeanne said...

I guess it almost feels like short sleeve weather? LOL I'm sure you feel better having that chore done.

Another excellent layout~

Mandy said...

Love your layout on this! So awesome. There is something about getting a task that you have procrastinated about done that makes you feel so good!

Ann said...

Angela another good blog. But, I have a question for you or anyone else that can answer it. How do I post a picture on my main page of the blog when I am doing my posts? email me the answer maybe?( I wanted to put your Winter essentials page on my blog I copied it to my word and then browed to get it and clicked submit to post on my blog and it vanished in cyberspace. :(

HLIP said...

It has finally warmed to the mid
40s here. After the cold we've had it feels like a heat wave.

I really like the frame on your LO.


Jackie said...

Really the stamp of the kids and fence....and nice frame too :)