Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Night at the Mall!

No, no, no---not my idea of a good time at all! Apparently, Mall of America ran a "Night at the Mall" for people to sign up and sleep at the mall. These blurry pictures show what look like middle school-aged kids (mostly), and there were actually many more of them. The movie, "Night at the Museum" was being played, and on the platform to the right was piled mountains of junk food. Sugary, activating, junk food.

Off, out of the frame, slightly down an aisle, was a more middle-aged woman, trying to stretch out on pushed-together benches, a pillow and blankets, tossing and turning, trying to (HA!) sleep. I assume her off-spring were in the mass of kids in the middle. Good luck to her, you brave, foolish woman!

No, my idea of "Night at the Mall" would be with my sisters and rowdy female friends, possibly doing scrapbooking, definitely with our cameras and photo booths set up for instructional little workshops.

A coffee bar on one side; a wine-tasting table on the other. A salad bar, and dessert bar. (Kind of a like a cruise-ship buffet, but with photography, & scrapbooking, and for women.)

Then, of course, there'd need to be some extremely comfortable beds set up, or maybe lounge chairs would do. And someone giving complimentary back massages. Brookstone could get involved in this one.

I'm afraid if the Mall ran this kind of special, they'd be packed to the rafters. Especially if they add chocolate!


Nicki, said...

Actually, this is more fun that you would imagine. My daughter did Girl Scout lock-in/sleep overs at the mall. Activities, including a DJ and dancing - all.night.long. Exhausting, but very fun! (like your idea as well!)

Amy said...

Wow, how fun, but uncomfortable! This would probably be as close to camping as I'd ever get. :)