Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All Gone!

Gone, but missed, are these pretty Christmas ornaments:

Gone, but not missed is my "trial" of Sirius! I made myself listen to this until the trial ran out, and I'm very happy to see it gone now. I could see if you were frequently driving across the country, or trapped in the no-where-lands of SD out of range of all radio signals, relying on Sirius for entertainment. But for my day-to-day life, no thank you! I'm really surprised by how many commercials and sales pitches for Sirius Radio took up their air waves! I felt I had to listen to it while it was "free" but am delighted to have Minnesota Radio back where it belongs--my number one spot on my radio!

See you next year, little Santas and Angels!


Lauren Hartman said...

I almost bought sirius as a gift for my husband a couple of years ago, so glad I didn't!

Nicki said...

My husband has XM and enjoys it - but he does a 2 hour commute each and every day (plus extra when he has to go to other counties). It only frustrates me when I get in his car (can never figure out the dial system).

Reds said...

Never tried Sirius - I mostly listen to my ipod!

Becca said...

The rental car I'm driving while mine is being repaired has Satellite radio. Sadly, I've yet to take advantage of it because I don't know how to set it up. HA!

Your Christmas ornaments are lovely!

pat said...

I have that fiddling rabbit ornament...an oldie but goodie. Didn't put up a tree this year since I went to DD's, and I missed seeing all those "old friends".