Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reason Number 22 for a Colonoscopy: Sex

I mean, sox.

There are certain rites of passage in life, that I personally would prefer to skip, but with the wonders of modern medicine, it's very hard to justify skipping.

But things don't always go as planned. Life sometimes gives you lemonade. Or, perhaps, Crystal Light lemon flavoring to add to your GoLytely.

But sometimes it doesn't work exactly the way it should, so, lucky you (me), you get to repeat the whole process again! More "lemonade".

But where do the socks come in, you might ask at this point. Well! It turns out that the very kind nurses noticed that I didn't realize I should bring socks to keep my feet warm, and they gave me these soft, cushy, wonderful socks! I love them! They have these little rubberized + + + +s all over them to keep you from skidding when you keep racing to the bathroom, before and after the procedure.

So here's my thought: for my "do-over", I'm not bringing socks again, because I want them to give me another pair!

Brilliant, huh? So, like they say, if life gives you lemonade, get more socks!

PS: Did you know that "sox" is actually now listed in dictionaries as an acceptable spelling of "socks." Take that, spell-checker!


joscelyne cutchens said...

I hope everything works out and you get a good report.

Reds said...

I so am not looking forward to a colonoscopy - though now that you mention that they give socks... ;)

Barb said...

I did not know that about the spelling of sox.
Hope all goes well.

Tracie said...

Now that's a good way to look at it, new socks! LOL Isn't that stuff you have to drink absolutely awful?!

Margaret said...

Hopefully the new sox made the procedure not quite as awful!

Nicki said...

Hope all went well in the end (no pun intended - well, maybe a little!).

Maria said...

Oh, dear! You deserve socks if you had to go through this procedure twice - not that it's painful, but the prep is not fun at all. I hope it all went well.