Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Ever! I am Special!

It's only fair play; if I'm going to post photos of my loved ones hither and yon, then sometimes I should let them take photos of me and post them too.

So here's some terrible shots of me in a swim suit!!!!! at Vero Beach, in the pool, taken by the lovely Dianna. It's not her fault, but note the incredibly wrinkly nose look of me and terrible hair. The crinkly nose laughter is because the water was freakin' cold and Dianna was the smart one who Would Not Get In!

And note the intense, almost neon, paleness of North Dakotans in the Florida sunshine. By the way, the water bubbles are ONLY DOUG'S EFFORTS TO MOVE HIS ARMS TO KEEP WARM! But then he did his wonderful husbandly duty of lending me some of his body heat. What a guy!

And this last shot is MY VERY FIRST EVER SENIOR DISCOUNT MOVIE TICKET! Now THAT makes me REALLY like Florida! They start movie discounts at 55 (a number long-gone for me). But I'll let you in on a little secret. In Grand Forks, regular movies in the evening are only $6.

This movie was excellent, by the way. Totally creepy, prepare for nightmares, but it's also extremely funny. Creepy and funny makes for a good recipe. As I mentioned before, all 3 of us had nightmares that night. One could not remember their nightmare; one dreamed about being eaten by vampires, and the other dreamed she/she was the perpetrator of murders, passed off as an art project. Names are not revealed to protect her/her reputation.


Maria said...

LOL! You know, I have some equally charming photos of me in the pool from last year taken during our Cabo vacation. I'm not as brave as you, so I never posted them. But I have a new cute swim suit this year, that I just bought for our Texas vacation and I might just surprise you! I'll never have Bo Derek's body, but but heck, I'm getting closer to Maxine's age every day and some of her attitude is beginning to rub off. Who cares what we look like as long as we are having fun!!!

Reds said...

First off - can't believe you are over 55!! Can't be!! And you and Doug are too cute together - love that he is trying to warm you up!

Barb said...

I think you looked nice. Everyone is most critical of themselves. Maria is right, have fun and be less concerned of our appearance as we grow older. That's a part of life and it's better than the alternative. Ha!

Oh, I like your necklace!

Nicki said...

You are a brave soul! (both for the water and letting your child photograph you). No way, no how!