Friday, May 18, 2012

Left-Leaning Birds

Is there a rule, that these birds must face left, just before sunset? Or do they just lean left, politically?

And sunset in the Everglades. But returning to shore meant massive mosquitoes. Little, but abundant. . . . and biting! (And how did they manage to fill our car?. . . . but at least they were not the vultures Dianna read about. Vultures that would eat the rubber off our tires while we drifted along, lulled by the little birdies. . . . . )


Nicki said...

Funny how there is no distension among the birds as to direction. Your sunset shot is gorgeous, but just the mention of any bugs would have my daughter sealed tight indoors.

pat said...

Those white ibis (ibises?) are beautiful! Love the red beaks and legs. And that sunset....ooooooh, I am so there!