Saturday, May 5, 2012

High Key Photography

Here are four high key examples using Sarah Halstead and Ashley Sisk's instructions:

The point of High Key photography is to eliminate as much shadow as possible, and make the photo as bright as possible.

I am so impressed with the instructions to use levels layers to mask away white spots on my make-shift background! So that's an easy way to get rid of splotches and wrinkles in backgrounds! It involves to levels adjustment layers. Both are left at 100% opacity. The first layer is based on a spot close to the center. You can't brush over the object with a black brush at 30-40% opacity if it also gets whitened.  The 2nd layer is based on a spot sampled more in the shadows on the edges, then invert the adjustment mask, and brush over any darker spots that need to be eliminated. Then merge all layers.  Here's the link to the nice and detailed instructions: Ramblings and Photos

This little piggy is the piggy that contains our spare quarters, and the rule is that whoever of our three children comes home next gets the quarters for their laundry. Recently, Dianna is collecting all the quarters!

Here's how the piggy opens. Note that these are not quarters! Actually, he HAD to have some money in him, because his nose is so heavy, he falls over unless he gets to gobble some money.

And the link to the brilliant Tuesday Tutorials:


Anonymous said...

These are so awesome!! You did a great job!

Nicki said...

These are great examples of high key - and I love the piggy-bank idea.

Reds said...

Beautiful examples!

My 365 Project said...

Great job with the high key.... your backgrounds look good.

Maria said...

Nice idea to lure the kids home! :-)