Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 239: Dianna 1993

Another photo from long ago, the 1993 five year old version of Dianna, scanned in. Again, I used the technique of reducing some noise by feathering a selection, using darken blend mode, and shifting downward a few pixels. But I also white to change the exposure a bit.

I used Scott Kelby's technique of taking a jpeg file, and opening it as a RAW file to adjust white balance settings. In CS3, you use "open as", select the file, and open it as a "camera RAW" file. Then it opens just as if it had been shot in RAW! You can adjust the white balance, saturation, etc. I also increased the "black" setting, and then used "fill light" to recover more detail.

Then once I opened it in photoshop, I did a "defog" and popped the colors just a little, and touched up the eyes a bit.

And don't you just love the green shag carpeting! Oh, how I LOVED getting rid of that eventually!!!!!! Almost as much as the red, flocked, wallpaper in the dining room!


Nicole said...

pretty cool that you can do that. I didn't even realize I could do that in CS3

Jeanne said...

While I may not know exactly what you are talking about, I DO know that the pictures today and yesterday are just darn cute!


Emily Weaver Brown said...

that does look a lot better. Good job - you want to tackle all of my grandma's boxes of slides next?

Mandy said...

What a super great touch up. its so nice to freshen things and make them new again.

Becky said...

I love the trip down memory lane! I may have to do the same thing this week since I have uncooperative family also, and your tips for cleaning up scans will really help. Then again, maybe I won't because watching my kids go off for another school year and then looking at photos of them when they were so little and cute might just send me over the edge into a puddle of mush.