Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 112: Poetry from Scott

Well, this is cheating.

Photos I didn't take.

Of my funny, sweet son who is in the US Navy, stationed in Japan right now.

He's also a young bachelor, so I was surprised when, he sent me, his MOTHER for heaven's sake, . . . .
this slightly risque poem. He gave me permission to put it on my blog, and since the theme this week is "children", this is what my "child" sent me:

Silky and smooth, bitter and sweet,

I love to nibble at your feet,

The lines and contours of your ears,

My tongue has traced oe’r the years

With lips I’ll devour on the hour,

And thighs to sate my late night taste,

You’re my treat, you’re my honey,

You’re my discounted Easter Bunny.

Chocolate Cheeks, Dark and deep,

Cause my hungry heart to leap,

Hard candy eyes, soft cocoa bands,

Melt in my mouth, and melt in my hands,

50 cents on the dollar,

Doesn’t make you any smaller,

You’re my sweet, you’re my honey,

You’re my discounted Easter Bunny,

A little crunchy, a little stale,

Some chocolate dust has left you pale,

A hollow frame hides a hollow soul,

Chomps and bites have taken their toll,

But when I eat you up, don’t fear,

You’ll live fore’er in my tummy here,

You’re my treat, you’re my honey,

You’re my discounted Easter Bunny

I call it “Ode to a Discounted Easter Bunny”

Well, it made me laugh! I set up this last photo to go along with it.


Sharon said...

Oh my! That is too funny! You really set it up well.

And such a handsome boy!!

Becky said...

lmao...i got a little uncomfortable for you there in the first hes so handsome. how much fun he seems to be having!

Mandy said...

Hahahahahhaha...that is so FUNNY. I just love his poem its so true.

You must miss him so so much. I can't imagine having a child so far away. My husband was a merchant marine and went to Maine Maritime Academy...its just a surreal life to me!

Jeanne said...


He's a handsome guy and I love the last shot where you set up the poem.

Thanks for sharing!

Val said...

hehe that is so funny! I bet you miss him terribly!

Mom2Drew said...

What a talent...I want to go get me a discounted Easter bunny;)

Reds said...

What a handsome boy!! And what a funny poem!!

Jen said...

LOL! Too funny! And he is handsome!

Shawna said...

LOL!!! So funny! I absolutely love that poem, so catchy and creative! Great shots too! Hope he gets home to you soon!

Becky said...

Oooh, racy! I can only imagine how much you must miss him. Thank God for the internet to bring you photos and notes (and risque poems) from him. :-) He is such a good looking guy. Hope he's enjoying seeing the world.

Celular said...

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Bobbi said...

Love the poem and your son is a cutie!

jewels said...

:) He's so handsome! You must miss him terribly! :) Thanks for sharing!


{Farrah's POTD} said... the first one!

Amy said...

That was too funny! I was wondering what it was referring to as I read the first paragraph and then read on and had to laugh! :)

You have a very handsome son, fun shots!

Di from JS said...

Your son has talent! Love the pictures of him - he sounds like a great kid!

SusanD said...

Oh, smile Mommy smile!! How sweet!